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Young Carers Big Summer Programme

We hope you are ready for this ….  the epic event that is Summer ‘21 with the Young Carers Team!!

Well I hope you are because that is what we are telling you about now!  You have all been so amazing for the past year+ dealing with the challenging pandemic impact on all our lives and we are so excited to get back to what we do best .. running around having fun all summer!  To celebrate all young carers across the county we have put together our biggest summer programme .. maybe ever and we are inviting you to join us!  Below you will see a number of options so have a look, see what you are available for and then contact us at 01992 586969 or to book onto the one you like the most!

*Remember you need an up to date 2021 Annual consent form to book onto any activity!*


Lawn Bowls for any YCs aged 8 and over

Hertford bowls club are again running this wonderful session for carers to come along, learn the competitive and relaxing sport, catch up with the same group every week, have many biscuits and a general lush time in the sunshine each week!

Every Thursday 10am-12pm between 22nd July – 26th August


Big Summer rolling festival/bonanza whatever you want to call it!

Each week we will be in a different part of the county bringing a big group of 20 young carers together to take part in awesome activities like archery, human table football, tennis, dodgeball, handball, water games (restrictions allowing) and many more combined with the thing we all love … Co-production!  Now don’t worry that is a fancy way of saying you get the chance to tell us how we should run our service, what works, what doesn’t work and make changes to the things we use like assessments, letters and all sorts!  This is an incredibly opportunity to have fun, meet lots of other young carers and really have an impact on the support we offer all young carers so be prepared to help us make things better whilst we have a lot of fun!

*please note you must be available both days to book on*

Week 1 – St Albans (central) – each day will be about a 10:30am arrival and going through til 5:30pm

8-12 year olds have Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd August

13+ year olds have Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th August


Week 2 – Herts Young Mariners (east) – 10:30am-5:30pm

8-12 year olds Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th August

13+ year olds Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th August


Week 3 – Fairlands (north) – 10:30am-5:30pm

8-12 year olds Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th August

13+ year olds Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th August


Week 4 – The Dacorum Activity Hub (west) – 10:30am-5:30pm

8-12 year olds Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th August

13+ year olds Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th August


Young Carers Wild Wellbeing – 11-18 year olds

These sessions are based outside at our lovely friends over at Hudnall Park where they focus on all things wellbeing!  The aim is to enable young people to support their mental health by connecting to nature.  There will be a number of activities and it runs over the whole 6 weeks.  19+ can be considered for this too so get in contact with us if any young adult carers are interested.

Every Friday at 11am-1:30pm between 23rd July and 27th August


Young Adult Carer Summer picnic

Anyone aged 16 and over is invited to the first ever Young Adult carer summer picnic!  We will have games and music in Verulanium park in St Albans on Friday 27th August between 2:30pm-4:30pm.  Bring your own blanket and some snacks to meet some new friends, have some fun and welcome the weekend!


Skiing courses – All fully booked!

Our wonderful friends at Snowbility are offering awesome beginner courses over the 6 weeks at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead.  Equipment is on hand but you will need warm, water proof-ish clothes to wear too to keep you nice and warm on the slope!

8-13 year olds – 2 courses are running but these now have a waiting list!

 14-17 year olds – 1 course running  but again this has a waiting list!

Anyone 18+ ask us about the adult/Young adult carer sessions or check out Carers in Herts main website for more info!

*Please do ask us any questions you might have as we run skiing regularly but it is so incredibly popular this round is full and if we can get you on a future opportunity we will.”


There will also be a Whole Family Summer picnic that we will contact families directly about once booking for that opens – ask for us for details as this will be for under 8s and thank you for your patience while we confirm the details of this one.


Once booked onto an activity you will be given full details, any requirements about what you might need to bring with you but if you need any additional information in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and please see some important info below.  Book your spaces now and join us for an epic summer!

IMPORTANT info – please note you cannot confirm booking onto any activity until we have an up to date annual consent form.  If you have already completed one this year you will be fine and if you still need to do one please click on this link Annual Consent Form 2021 to download a copy to complete or speak to us in the office if you need one posted out to you to complete.

This is a big programme allowing as many of our 2,000 registered young carers to take part in an activity so please pick the one you want the most as you will not be able to book onto multiple big activities.  If unsure about what is best for you in your particular circumstances please talk to us in the team.

We do ask that everyone who can get themselves to and from an activity does but if you have any concerns or need support with transport please let us know.

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The sun is back!

What better way to welcome back the nice weather than with real life activities coming back to the Young Carers team!!

We know it has been a long year on zoom and thank you for your patience of helping to keep everyone safe during this time by following the rules.  Now we are allowed to go out and see more people whilst keeping safe, we are happy to be planning and running activities again that do not involve the word zoom!  A big summer programme is coming so keep your eye out for that and for May you will have been sent information alongside the Young Carer survey, which will play a big part in shaping Herts County Council’s new Carers Strategy!  The team are all here if you have any questions or need additional information and we wish you a very fun May half term!

Who doesn’t love a survey … well possibly a lot of people BUT it is a really quick and easy way to be a part of this super important opportunity to improve services for carers of all ages across Hertfordshire!  Click on the link and be a part of something awesome to support yourself, your family and lots of other young carers!


May half term (mostly in June but you know what we mean)

YCs Podcast workshop – exciting times developing this further after conference!

Year 6-7 transition – Secondary school times ahead wooo!

Singing in the Park – Great for stress release and we get to hang out in the real outside world we have missed for a while!

YCs Council Meeting – our local champions will be meeting to finalise the exciting summer ahead so watch this space!


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Treasure the earth and join our April competition!!

The sun is back!  Yes it also brought it’s friend snow and is confusing us with the bright light & freezing cold wind but STILL we welcome the longer days and extra doses of vitamin D!

With this love of nature and Earth day not too far away we are happy to say that our April competition is all about nature and our wonderful planet.  Every day is earth day in our minds because the planet is our giant home so we need to look after it as much as it looks after us.

So what is your favourite thing about the earth?  How cool is nature!  What do you do to try and recycle things, eat healthier or use less energy at home or at school?  Do you have any ideas about what we should all do to help the environment?  We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and see any pictures of what you do to help the earth.  That might be a bug hotel you have in your garden, plants you look after inside, recycling you do at home or at school, ideas you have for what else we should do to look after the earth or anything you can think of!

Voucher prizes are given to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part so join us in celebrating planet earth this April!  The deadline for your entries is Friday 30th April and judging will take place the following week.

Please email your entries to putting Competition in the email subject along with your name and age so we know what belongs to whom!  You can also post us entries to the office in Hertford and if you have any questions or need additional information please give us a call on 01992 586969.

Thanks and good luck!

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Welcome back Spring!

What’s that … Competitions are still going?  We had a bit of a break with all things Conference so sorry for being quiet but we are back and want to hear from you Young Carers!

Spring is nearly upon us, the daffodils are blooming and new things are coming over the horizon!!  With that spirit in mind, it is competition time!  So we want to hear from you about what you’re looking forward to in spring?? 

Flowers?  Bees and birds being around more?  Life outside?  Being able to safely go back to school?  Seeing friends and family outside safely?  Warmer days (maybe who knows with our weather!) 

Voucher prizes are still up for grabs to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part! 

The deadline for your entries is Wednesday 31st March and we will be in contact with the results at the end of the following week. 

Please email entries to – put “Competition” in the subject then in the email make sure to include your name and age so we know which ones belong to whom.  Check out other competition topics and winners below and as always feel free to call or email the team with any questions – 01992 586969

Thank you and good luck!

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Competitions you say …

Oh yes they are still going strong!  Here is the competition update we know you’ve been waiting for!

September is in the rear-view mirror and we are in full swing to the spooky autumnal season!  Being a beautiful time of colours changing on the leaves, nights drawing in earlier and lots of spooky stories on the horizon we want to hear from you!  Do you have any homemade decorations for this time of the year?  A fan of pumpkin flavoured soups, drinks or meals?  Any spooky stories you like telling friends and family?

Some of our team love this time of the year so we are excited to hear about your October favourites, see any drawings, decorations you might be carving and/or any meals you like as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder!  Embrace these fun, spooky and gorgeous autumnal colour palettes with us!

Voucher prizes are still up for grabs to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part!

The deadline for your entries is Saturday 31st October with the winning entries being announced the following week.

Please email entries to – put “Competition” in the subject then in the email make sure to include your name and age so we know which ones belong to whom.

To check our previous months winners and runner up please click here

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September competition time!

We all know what September means … Back to School!

Now we have had a couple of weeks getting used to the new normal it is time for some fun competition!

We want to hear from you, young carers!

What is new?

What is different?

What is the same?

Who actually likes getting up in the morning?!

We would love to hear from you about how school is going now you are back.  Friends = yay, homework = nay?!  Pictures, stories, fun quotes, send us whatever works for you to tell us how being Back to School is for you.

Prizes are up for grabs to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part!

The deadline for your entries is Wednesday 30th September with the winning entries being announced at the end of that week.

Please email entries to – put “Competition” in the subject then in the email make sure to put your name and age so we know which ones belong to who.

To check our previous months winners and runner up please click here

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Summer competition

The sun is still here but the summer is ending … so let’s find out who won the August YC competition!

We had some sun, some rain and ups & downs all summer long in 2020!  Some people stayed home, some went away.  Some people longed for school, some worried about it.  Across all of that we had another round of our Young carers competition asking about your summer, what it means to you and what you did.  We are delighted to say competition was so fierce the judging panel chose not a single one but JOINT winners!  They couldn’t choose and did the unthinkable … chose two!  Below we are very humbled to share the joint winners and our fantastic runner ups entries for all to see and thanks again to everyone who entered!

Written by Jay, age 10.  One of our joint winners:

Summer means to me playing in the garden, more summer evenings in the park, my family watching me play football and of course my birthday!

During the summer we go swimming, have a caravan holiday, have yummy BBQs and plenty of ice creams!

In the past I have had sleepovers with my friends, had my swimming pool out in the garden and lots of trips to the park In the summer we always go to the seaside, go strawberry picking and have a party for my birthday!

My best treats are ice cream, Slush puppies milkshakes and BBQ’s!

My dream summer would be to go the beach, have my family round and splash around in the paddling pool with my sister holly and BBQ for tea.

Written by Eric, age 13, My Summer.  Also joint winner:

I love summer, it makes me feel energized to the brim,
With the bright sun shining and the children playing,
From eating ice cream or having a swim.
I went to Durdle Door a couple of days ago,
It was the best beach I’ve ever been to.
As different shades of blue ran through the sea,
The waves splashed about and the rock’s flowed away,

Everyone was very happy and excited,
They all reminded me of a lustrous rainbow.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.

Everywhere I looked I saw pictures get taken with big smiles on their faces,
With the beautiful cliffs hanging over us in all different directions,
North, east, south west,
You name it.

The summer treats were amazing,
From drinking fizzy drinks to having an ice cream,
Or going onto a cruise to different destinations.
Summer treats always turn your day around,
Like eating an ice cool watermelon or a delicious cheesecake.
They really are special,
But that’s what I like about summer,
You get to eat and do things you normally wouldn’t.

A dream to the La Concha beach,
Where I would spend my dream summer,
The roasting hot sun tanning everyone on sight,
The waves crashing onto land,
While the children get wet and cold,
And I lay on my luxurious beach chair,
Helping myself to an iced cold lemonade and a juicy watermelon,
I would spend my day at the beach,
And in the night, I would relax in my summer house.


Big thanks to our runner up – Sarah, aged 10 (and a happy summer birthday to you!)

Summer meant it is my birthday and I turn 11 and that is what summer means to me.  In my free time I have nothing to do so I watch my I pad I don’t really have a favourite treat so I eat what teat my brother gets but my favourite drink is flavour water.  We don’t have any family traditions my dream summer would be to have a big have a big swimming pool in our garden.  In the past we have been going to the park.


September’s coming to you next …

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