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Competitions you say …

Oh yes they are still going strong!  Here is the competition update we know you’ve been waiting for!

September is in the rear-view mirror and we are in full swing to the spooky autumnal season!  Being a beautiful time of colours changing on the leaves, nights drawing in earlier and lots of spooky stories on the horizon we want to hear from you!  Do you have any homemade decorations for this time of the year?  A fan of pumpkin flavoured soups, drinks or meals?  Any spooky stories you like telling friends and family?

Some of our team love this time of the year so we are excited to hear about your October favourites, see any drawings, decorations you might be carving and/or any meals you like as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder!  Embrace these fun, spooky and gorgeous autumnal colour palettes with us!

Voucher prizes are still up for grabs to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part!

The deadline for your entries is Saturday 31st October with the winning entries being announced the following week.

Please email entries to – put “Competition” in the subject then in the email make sure to include your name and age so we know which ones belong to whom.

To check our previous months winners and runner up please click here

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September competition time!

We all know what September means … Back to School!

Now we have had a couple of weeks getting used to the new normal it is time for some fun competition!

We want to hear from you, young carers!

What is new?

What is different?

What is the same?

Who actually likes getting up in the morning?!

We would love to hear from you about how school is going now you are back.  Friends = yay, homework = nay?!  Pictures, stories, fun quotes, send us whatever works for you to tell us how being Back to School is for you.

Prizes are up for grabs to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part!

The deadline for your entries is Wednesday 30th September with the winning entries being announced at the end of that week.

Please email entries to – put “Competition” in the subject then in the email make sure to put your name and age so we know which ones belong to who.

To check our previous months winners and runner up please click here

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Summer competition

The sun is still here but the summer is ending … so let’s find out who won the August YC competition!

We had some sun, some rain and ups & downs all summer long in 2020!  Some people stayed home, some went away.  Some people longed for school, some worried about it.  Across all of that we had another round of our Young carers competition asking about your summer, what it means to you and what you did.  We are delighted to say competition was so fierce the judging panel chose not a single one but JOINT winners!  They couldn’t choose and did the unthinkable … chose two!  Below we are very humbled to share the joint winners and our fantastic runner ups entries for all to see and thanks again to everyone who entered!

Written by Jay, age 10.  One of our joint winners:

Summer means to me playing in the garden, more summer evenings in the park, my family watching me play football and of course my birthday!

During the summer we go swimming, have a caravan holiday, have yummy BBQs and plenty of ice creams!

In the past I have had sleepovers with my friends, had my swimming pool out in the garden and lots of trips to the park In the summer we always go to the seaside, go strawberry picking and have a party for my birthday!

My best treats are ice cream, Slush puppies milkshakes and BBQ’s!

My dream summer would be to go the beach, have my family round and splash around in the paddling pool with my sister holly and BBQ for tea.

Written by Eric, age 13, My Summer.  Also joint winner:

I love summer, it makes me feel energized to the brim,
With the bright sun shining and the children playing,
From eating ice cream or having a swim.
I went to Durdle Door a couple of days ago,
It was the best beach I’ve ever been to.
As different shades of blue ran through the sea,
The waves splashed about and the rock’s flowed away,

Everyone was very happy and excited,
They all reminded me of a lustrous rainbow.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.

Everywhere I looked I saw pictures get taken with big smiles on their faces,
With the beautiful cliffs hanging over us in all different directions,
North, east, south west,
You name it.

The summer treats were amazing,
From drinking fizzy drinks to having an ice cream,
Or going onto a cruise to different destinations.
Summer treats always turn your day around,
Like eating an ice cool watermelon or a delicious cheesecake.
They really are special,
But that’s what I like about summer,
You get to eat and do things you normally wouldn’t.

A dream to the La Concha beach,
Where I would spend my dream summer,
The roasting hot sun tanning everyone on sight,
The waves crashing onto land,
While the children get wet and cold,
And I lay on my luxurious beach chair,
Helping myself to an iced cold lemonade and a juicy watermelon,
I would spend my day at the beach,
And in the night, I would relax in my summer house.


Big thanks to our runner up – Sarah, aged 10 (and a happy summer birthday to you!)

Summer meant it is my birthday and I turn 11 and that is what summer means to me.  In my free time I have nothing to do so I watch my I pad I don’t really have a favourite treat so I eat what teat my brother gets but my favourite drink is flavour water.  We don’t have any family traditions my dream summer would be to have a big have a big swimming pool in our garden.  In the past we have been going to the park.


September’s coming to you next …

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Competition Time Again!

It’s August so that means a new competition for you to take part in!

We have had such a wonderful time with these that we are keeping them going through the summer and this month it is all about “Your Summer”

So we would love to hear from you about:

  • What does summer mean to you?
  • What kind of things do you do during the summer?
  • What things have you done in the past?
  • Any traditions you have for summer time?
  • What are some of the best summer treats out there?
  • Any ideas of what your dream summer would be?

Prizes are up for grabs to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part!  Draw, write, photograph, whatever works for you!

The deadline for your entries is Friday 21st August with the winning entries being announced the following week.

Please email entries to – put “Competition” in the subject then in the email make sure to put your name and age so we know which ones belong to who.

To check our previous months winners and runner up please click here

Have fun and we look forward to hearing about Your Summer

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Young Carers Champion competition results

“Young Carers Champion” was the name of July’s competition

We teamed up with Lister Hospital and the Amwell Rotary club and asked Young Carers to design a badge.  Lister will be training up some of their staff to be ‘Young Carers Champions’ so that they understand some of the things young carers have to deal with and can offer support when you are visiting their hospital as well as spread the word of young carers everywhere they go.  So we asked you to design this badge and here are your winners …

The winner – Hollie, age 9





Our runner up – Alexis, age 8





Huge thank you’s to everyone who got involved in this months competition!  We had lots of amazing entries and it was a very difficult one to judge.  Big thanks as well to Lister for creating this competition and the Amwell Rotary club for funding it alongside them.

We will be bringing you August’s competition next week so keep your eyes peeled and get involved!

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Young Adult Carer workshops

Are you age 14+?

Do you want to learn new skills that will help you in the future?

This summer we are excited to be working with the Carers Trust to host two virtual workshops for young adult carers, to help prepare you for the future.


Managing your Money

When: Thursday 6th August, 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm
What:  Learn all about the finance skills needed to manage your money now and in the future, including:

  •  Understanding finance (direct debits, credit cards)
  • Planning for the future – savings
  • Charities that offer information and support
  • Budgeting and finding a good deal
  • How to avoid feeling stressed about money


CV writing and Interview Skills

When: Wednesday 19th August, 5.30 – 6.30 pm

What:  Help to feel confident in the future when applying to jobs, University/college or apprenticeships, including:

  • What information should be on my CV?
  • What are interviewers looking for?
  • Feeling confident talking about yourself in interviews


How to book:

Please note: both these sessions will be virtual workshops, via Zoom. If you are interested in booking then please email or telephone 01992 586969.

With your confirmation we will send out guidance on how we keep young carers safe on our virtual sessions.

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FREE – sports pack

Get Active this Summer!

Young carers living in St Albans and Dacorum:


We wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity for you to get your hands on some FREE sports equipment for you to use at home!


Whilst we are not able to run our usual summer activities due to COVID-19, we want to make sure you have activities you can do at home during the summer holidays. We have been lucky that Herts Sports Partnership and Families First are providing us with lots of sports equipment that we can give to young carers age under 14, in St Albans and Dacorum.



Each pack contains a range of balls, skipping ropes, other items like balloons and chalk, and a hula hoop! It comes in a drawstring bag, and also has a list of different activities and games for you to enjoy.


If you would like to reserve a sports pack, then please let us know by Wednesday 15th July. We will we dropping the packs off at your home the week beginning 20th July.

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