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Youth Connexions: Dacorum Young Carers Project

 Calling all Young Carers in Dacorum, aged 11 – 19!

Youth Connexions are setting up a fortnightly project for young carers aged 11 – 19, living in Dacorum.

You can find out more and meet other young carers by going to the event below on Wednesday 5th April 1 – 4.30 pm at XC Centre, Hemel Hempstead.

Youth Connexions Dacorum Poster

If you would like more information about Youth Connexions please visit their website:

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Whole Family Workshop: Year 6-7 Transition

Primary – Secondary School Transition

Moving between primary and secondary school can be an exciting and daunting time for young people and their families. For young carers, there might be extra considerations that you are thinking about.

If you or your child is in Year 6 then come along to our whole family workshop, which will offer:

  • Guidance for parents
  • Questions to ask
  • Creative activity for young carers
  • How can schools support you
  • Talking to the school about what it is like being a young carer


When: Wednesday 12th April 2017, 10 am – 12.30 pm

If you are unable to attend this workshop then you can find information about transition here:

If you are interested in booking on to this workshop then please see the flyer below. Booking is essential, and a parent/guardian must attend with every young carer.


Booking form:Transition workshop flyer 12.4.17

2017 Annual consent form: annual-consent-form-2017

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Support for 14 – 18 year old Young Carers

Going to University + Creative Writing

Tuesday 11th April 10 am – 4 pm in Hatfield

Are you aged 14 – 18 and thinking about next steps after school or college?

Do you want to explore this transition in a creative way, or find out more about University options?

If so, come along to our double session:

Going to University: choosing University, University life, application forms, financial support for students

Creative Writing: Join professional writer for a fun and interactive session to explore feelings about the future. Suitable for all!

If you would like to attend, please complete the booking form below and email to

A 2017 Annual Consent form for each young carer attending must be completed if you have not previously done so.  Thank you.

Going to Uni booking form:            Flyer Going to Uni + Creative Writing 110417

Annual Consent Form 2017:         annual-consent-form-2017

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Happy Herts

2017 Young Carers Conference

In half term our Young Carers Conference took place in Stevenage, bringing together 90 young carers and almost 60 professionals for an exciting, busy and fun-filled day.

The Conference ‘Happy Herts’ was organized and hosted by the Young Carers Council, and focused on health and happiness; what helps young carers to be happy and healthy, and what can get in the way of this.

CinH Young Carers Council members at conference 2017


Young carers started the day with mask-making; this was great fun, and it got us thinking about the side we show other people, and what we sometimes keep hidden. Mask-making was quite messy and glitter glue somehow ended up on the ceiling!

Most of the morning was spent meeting professionals, and talking to them about what matters most to young carers. Young carers had the chance to interview the professionals, and find out what they were doing to support young carers, and what else they could do to help with health and happiness. Some of the main priorities were:

  • Introducing young carer issues in to PSHE in schools
  • Encouraging health professionals to ask young people if there is anyone at home that relies on them
  • Wanting child-friendly leaflets and information available in Hospital and Doctors Surgeries


In the afternoon the young carers walked to Airspace Trampoline Park and were able to have lots of fun on the trampolines before going home.

We were excited that Cleveland was able to meet Pudsey, to celebrate this being the first Young Carers Conference funded by BBC Children in Need. Cleveland has a new friend for life!


Cleveland and Pudsey

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The Cleveland Awards Show: Winners!

The Cleveland Awards

Last week we hosted the first ever Cleveland Awards Show as part of the Young Carers’ Conference ‘Happy Herts’.

Throughout January Young Carers could nominate professionals and adults that had made a difference to their life, or to the life of other young carers in Hertfordshire. The awards were designed by young carers, voted for by young carers, and the winners were selected by a panel of impartial young carers.

We received so many nominations for some wonderful people, and the panel said how difficult it was to choose.

We were delighted that all of the winners were able to The Clevelands Award Show, to receive their award.

The winners were…

One-to-one Support for Young carers: Vanda Adams, from Commonswood School in Welwyn.

Most Charitable Contribution: Ware Joggers

Gives a Voice to Young Carers: Jackie Graham, Young Carers Support Advisor from Carers in Hertfordshire

A Special Thank You: Steve Penstone-Smith, long-time supporter of Young Carers in Hertfordshire

Group Events for Young Carers: Tracy Lee, Youth Worker At Youth Connexions Welwyn/Hatfield

A huge congratulations to the winners of the awards and all the nominees – thank you for the fantastic support you are giving young carers in Hertfordshire.

We had a special surprise award on the day to recognise the time, effort and support that one person has given the Young Carers Council over the past 8 years. Kasey, a member of the Young Carers’ Council since 2009, was awarded the Services to the Young Carers’ Council award to say a huge thank you to everything he has done for us over the years. Well done Kasey!

 Cleveland Award winners

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A week in the life of a young carer: Work Experience

My week of Work Experience, by Gemma  – age 16.

 My name is Gemma and as you can guess I’m a young carer. I help care for my siblings and I help my parents a lot. I’m 16 and I’m home schooled. I love to read and write. I love animals and photography and of course spending quality time with my family.  

I had no idea on what I wanted to do for my career. I would always want to do one thing and then after a while I wouldn’t know what career path I was going to take anymore. I was not sure on what I desired in life, not fully. I wanted to be able to at least know that I liked to write for a job. Not only that but I needed to know what work felt like, to have a little taster. I wasn’t sure on what it would feel like.

 I went to the Herts Valleys CCG for my work experience. It was amazing. I loved every minute of it and I wish that I never had to leave. The Herts Valleys CCG are a part of the NHS. When I was there I wrote about Young carers, what we do, how to help, mentoring etc. This isn’t all I did however; I helped put posters and letters in envelopes for all of the NHS pharmacies. I created a poster for their Christmas party and I wrote a little something about the party for the staff. I also wrote some  tweets out for them. I’ve learnt a lot from my work experience.

“all the people were lovely and made me feel welcome” 

Before I went to my work experience I was really nervous and anxious. Especially on my first day. On my way up to the floor I was working on I met someone who works there and she was really nice, she told me to have a great week and not to worry. When I was meeting everyone I was still really nervous and anxious, but when the people I worked with started talking to me it started to evaporate. They all made me feel relaxed and really welcome. They told me that if I was ever stuck on something or needed help to ask them. Everyone was friendly and helpful. They gave me some great tips about my career path and with writing.

 “I’ve decided that I love writing”

I’m going to be looking for an apprenticeship at the Herts Valleys CCG. When I worked there I would arrive at 9:30am, I would hang my coat up, put my bag away and log into the computer. I would start my daily task. However, even though I was working I still had a break and lunch. Everyone I worked with was amazing. I was meeting new people all the time and I learnt about what they did. It was an amazing experience.  

I enjoyed everything about it, the work I was given, meeting new people. I enjoyed typing on the computer, getting out into the real world and knowing what work feels like. I loved every second of it. I also loved writing about us young carers and making other people aware of what we do and how we help those closest to us.

“It’s going to be hard but I’m determined not to give up”

If you’re not sure on whether to have work experience I hope this has helped you.



If you are a young carer aged 16 – 18 in Hertfordshire and would like to know more about our work experience offer then please call 01992 586969 to speak to a member of the young carers’ team.


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Residential Canal Boat Trip

Residential Canal Boat Trip – Spring 2017

A weekend away on a canal boat in Hertfordshire for young carers aged 8 – 13, and  14 – 18!

There is a fantastic opportunity for young carers to take part in a weekend residential canal boating experience in Spring 2017.

31st March – 2nd April: Young carers aged 14 – 18

5th – 7th May: Young carers aged 8 – 13

This is being run by Waterway Experience and Enable Care.

Young carers will be supported by a team of four experienced volunteer crew. They will board at Kings Langley on Friday at 6 pm, and arrive back on Sunday around 5 p.m. For the trip on 5th-7th May there will be one staff member from Carers in Hertfordshire attending.

This is a brilliant opportunity to:

  • Build relationships and take part in team-building
  • Develop life skills and confidence
  • Experience a weekend away and travel through Hertfordshire
  • Have lots of fun!

The boats are equipped with a wet room with toilet and shower facilities, a kitchen and large area for relaxing and socialising in, which then gets converted into a dormitory at night.

Please note that this event is not organised by Carers in Hertfordshire and we therefore cannot offer transport to and from the boat.

 If you are interested in booking or would like more information please contact us by 

28th February for 14-18 year olds

30th March for 8 – 13 year olds

We will then pass on your contact details to Alice Walters at Enable, who will contact you about the booking process. There will be a separate consent form.

Please note there are limited spaces so contact us as soon as possible.

More information about Enable Care: EnableYoungCarers2017 Flyer


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