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NEW Competition!

Deadline extension: Friday 24th July


We are excited to announce our NEW young carer competition ‘Young Carer Champions’!

For July’s competition we are teaming up with Lister Hospital in Stevenage. Lister will be training up some of their staff to be ‘Young Carer Champions’ – so staff understand about being a young carer, and will be able to support you when you are visiting. When they complete their training they will get a YC Champion Badge to wear – and this is where we need YOUR help!


Task: Create a design for the YC Champion badge

It needs to:

  • Stand out!
  • Be something that you would like to see on staff
  • Be something that will work when it is on a badge (e.g. not too big!)

Your entry could be hand drawn, animated or whatever else you choose!


Because this is a joint project with Lister the prize for the design selected will be £40! The prize for the runner up will be £10. Thank you to both East and North Herts Hospital Trust, and Amwell Rotary Club for funding this.


Deadline: The deadline for entries is Friday 24th July 5pm. Please email entries to with the subject heading ‘YC Competition’. Please include your name and age in the email.

The designs will be judged by a panel of young carers, as well as staff from Carers in Herts and Lister Hospital.


Please note: the winning entry will be the design used for the YC Champion badges,  which are being funded by the Hospital Charity. A photo of the design will be taken for East and North Herts Hospital Trust internal and external communications, as well as Carers in Hertfordshire’s. You don’t have to be in the photo, unless you want to be!

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Competition Winner

‘What I am grateful for’

We’re excited to share the first and second place entries for June’s Young Carers Competition. Young carers were asked to share ‘what I am grateful for during lockdown’, in whatever way they liked – a poem, picture, film, photo, or something else they had created.

First Place: Eric, age 13












Second Place: Jennifer, age 10












Carers Week Competition:

We’re delighted to announce the first and second place entries for a special Carers Week Competition here


May: What I can see from my window

First Place: Ava, age 9


Out of my window I can see…

Green trees blowing in the wind

A summer house for me and Ivy

Ready for lunch, lets eat outside

Dragonflys flying through the sky

even when we say goodbye

Next time is another day, then we will have time to play


Second place: ‘Outside my Window’ by Eric, age 13

As the sun shines on all our faces,

Waking us up each morning,

The cars wait to be driven                     

But they find themselves alone,

The smiles of the children’s faces makes us want to get out,

But as Corona made its way,

We start to stay away,

From all dangers that could possibly harm us,

But as lockdown is soon ending,

Bringing happiness and hope to people’s faces.

When the warm sun get cooler,

We start to get colder.


From trees swaying side to side,

Following the gentle cold breeze,

As the sun starts setting,

Our frustration shrinks,

The later the day arrives,

The more we feel tired.


When the sky gets dark,

And the stars appear,

The moon will rise with it’s attracting light,

The trees are now still as a bone,

While we tuck into our warm beds,

Outside my window,

There is nothing but cars.


We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who took part – we were blown away by entries, and the panel had a difficult time deciding!

Details on June’s competition here



April: experiences of lockdown


First Place: ‘Shielding’ by Freya, age 9

My little sister got a letter saying she must shield, 

No going to the park or taking the dog to the field. 

couldn’t go to school or do my sports club, 

No more going for lunch in the pub. 

Feels strange that I can’t go to school, 

No going on holiday and laying by the pool. 

Spending more time with my family will be fun, 

Playing in the garden and laying in the sun. 

Learning to grow fruit and veg from a seed, 

 we will have all the healthy food that we need.  

Thanks to the NHS who are helping the sick,  

Stay home everyone so this will end quick. 


Second Place: ‘My Wish’ by Izzy, age 6



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Competition Time!

It’s Competition Time again! June 2020

After a brilliant round of April and May entries, we’re excited to ask you to share “what I’m grateful for”. This could be:

  • A picture you have drawn
  • A photo you have taken (with a caption)
  • Pictures of stuff you have created (with a caption)
  • A story / poem / piece of writing
  • Anything else inspired by the theme

There are prizes to be won … £20 voucher for 1st Place and £10 for 2nd!

The deadline for entry is Friday 19th June 5pm   Winning entries to be announced the following week!

Please email your entries to . Please put ‘competition’ in the subject, and include your name and age in the email.

You can check out previous months winners and runner ups here

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Surviving Social Distancing – top tips & resources

We know that the coming weeks will be a challenge for a lot of us; spending more time at home and away from others. Whether we are social distancing, in self-isolation or shielding, below are some resources to help keep us busy, healthy and feeling good.

We will continue to update this, so please do share with us any suggestions you may have.


Mental health and wellbeing

They also have a mental health advice line available for parents operating between 

09:30am-4pm, Monday- Friday: 0808 802 5544


Keeping active

  • Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ live P.E lesson every day 9 a.m on YouTube. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Herts Sports Partnership have a great list of different ways to get the whole family moving. Follow the link and scroll down, includes Kids Yoga, Disney Dance-Along and Premier League Primary Stars:


Staying Safe


Indoor activities

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Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 and the government’s advice to avoid social contact we are having to re-think the ways in which we support young carers and their families. We appreciate that for many of you and your families the current situation and weeks/months ahead are going to be unsettling, worrying and very challenging. If you need to talk through this, or the impact it will have on your caring role, please do get in touch. Whilst we cannot meet in person Carers in Hertfordshire is still here for you, and for adult carers too.

Avoiding social contact unfortunately means that our upcoming activities have had to be cancelled or postponed. This includes activities in the Easter break and May half term, and we are contacting these families directly. We recognise that the situation is constantly changing, and we will do our best to keep you updated as we know more about activities and events beyond May half term.

Whilst this is a challenging time it gives us a new opportunity to work with young carers in a different way, and we are excited to be planning a range of virtual and online activities. This will help us to keep in touch with you, give you new ways of getting involved in our activities whilst helping you to keep busy at home. Please watch this space and visit for updates. We will also be publishing a list of other resources and top tips for this time.

Although we are unable to complete home visits throughout this period we will continue to reach out to families using a variety of technology, including telephone calls, Zoom and Whatsapp. If we are video-calling young carers it is important that a parent is aware of this and present in the house at the time of the call. We will call familiest to arrange a mutually convenient time.

We will update this page with new information and any changes to our service to keep you informed. We hope you and your families stay safe and well.


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Young Carers Awareness Day 2020

Young Carers Awareness Day 2020


This Young Carers Awareness Day (Thursday 30th January 2020) we’re hoping to reach out to young carers and those who support them, such as school and college staff, to let them know “You are not alone”. We want to highlight the services available to help ease their caring role.


Young Carers Awareness Day celebrates, recognizes, and raises awareness about young carers in the UK. The focus this year is getting school and compulsory education providers to do more to identify and support young carers – people under 19 providing unpaid care to a relative or someone who is ill, disabled, elderly, or misuses drugs or alcohol.


To tie in with the theme and the Carers Trust’s Count Me In campaign, we are holding a training and network event for staff from Hertfordshire schools to learn about our services and also how they can be involved in the Carers Trust Young Carers in Schools Ambassadors Project that we are part of.


We are also launching the first items of our updated publicity material – a poster and postcard – which young carers helped produce, with input from Hertfordshire County Council, which commissions us to support young carers.


The key message on them, which young carers identified is telling young carers “you are not alone.” The poster and postcard contain our contact details and information about how we support young people in a caring role such as providing activities so they can meet other young cares and have a break from caring, a discount card to save money when shopping or out and opportunities to have their say about health and other services.


The poster and postcards can be viewed or downloaded at  and


As part of the day we have also asked young carers accessing our services who their biggest supporter is. Most responses were a parent or parents, Nan or sibling, with Mum being the most popular. Other supporters included teachers, a social worker, and even books and music. Here are some of the reasons:

  • “My Mum is my biggest supporter as she is encouraging and enthusiastic.”
  • Grace said: “My form tutor is my best supporter because whenever I am having a bad day she asks if I’m okay or if I need to step out of the classroom for a minute. She is helpful, if I tell her something I’m struggling with she will tell my other teachers for that day, which means I don’t have to explain it to every teacher.”


Laura Green, one of the Young Carers Service Team Leaders, said: “Through our work and events such as Young Carers Awareness Day we hope to let young carers know about the help on offer to them, to show they are not alone in their caring role. We also want to improve peoples’ understanding of young carers and the impact that caring can have upon a child or young person. Providing the right support and information to young carers can help them feel physically and mentally well.”


Currently, there are 1,975 young carers in Hertfordshire or elsewhere that support someone in the county registered with us. Last year we provided one to one support to 340 young carers and their families and for about half of them our involvement helped reduce their caring role.


You can help us make a positive difference to the lives of adult and child carers by volunteering or supporting us through fundraising, such as making a donation online via


Whatever you do to mark Young Carers Awareness Day 2020, we would love to know or you can tell us about who your biggest supporter is. You can share tweets @ycherts using the hashtag #YoungCarersAwarenessDay or email


For more information about the support we provide young carers in Hertfordshire please call us on 01992 58 69 69 or look around the website.

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My Biggest Supporter

This year we want to celebrate all of the people who support young carers! We’ve asked young carers “Who is your biggest supporter?” and a HUGE shout out goes to…


By far the most responses came back about the support Mum’s give their children:

  • I love her
  • She is my best friend
  • Being kind

    “She helps me to enjoy my life in the best way possible”

  • She does everything for me whilst suffering herself
  • No matter what, she always supports me
  • She has been there forever
  • She lets me help with my sister
  • She helps me the most out of all the people I know
  • She is really nice and helps me with school
  • She is always there
  • She is very encouraging and enthusiastic
  • She looks after me and my brother
  • She’s super grateful for everything I do

‘Parents’ also came back as big supporters of our young carers:

  • They help me through everything
  • They are always there for me

    “They always tell me how much they appreciate me and all that I do”

    They make sure that I do the things that make me happy

  • They make sure I do loads of good clubs


Other family members:

My Dad: he has kept no secrets and helps me when I am worried”

  • My 3 sisters: they help me through a lot of stress
  • My Nanny: she looks after me all the time and is kind to me
  • My sister Violet: she is kind

    “My sister: she pushes me to do things I’m scared of”

    My Nan: she is always there no matter what


It is brilliant to see some school staff providing valuable support to young carers in Hertfordshire:

Mrs Dada: she helps me when I’m having a bad day

Miss Craddock: she helps me learn

Mrs Sharpling: she helps me every day at school

Miss Boswell at Monks Walk:

  • “She always asks if I’m OK and I like that”

  • “She always makes sure I am OK”

Miss Tebbut: She always makes me feel better if I am sad or worried about my sister’s illness


Other supporters of young carers:

Emily: she takes me out for treats

Jamie W: He supported me if I was stressed with caring for my family

Debevah M: She is kind

My Social Worker

“Books and music: No matter how stressful or crazy anything is I can always lose myself in them”

My friend Lucie: she is always there for me, no matter what


Thank you to all of the young carers who told us their biggest supporter, and  HUGE THANK YOU to the people above (and many more) who continue to support young carers and help young carers know that they are not alone.

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Young Carers Publicity

Today is Young Carers Awareness Day and we are excited to launch our new publicity for Carers in Hertfordshire’s Young Carers’ Service. The publicity has been co-produced and designed with young carers, at our summer residential trips and with the Young Carers Council.

You Are Not Alone was an important theme that young carers wanted to be central to the publicity; letting other young carers that there is support out there and that they are not on their own with their experiences.

The new publicity includes:

  • A poster that can be displayed in schools, GP surgeries, hospitals and other settings

  • A flyer with more detailed information in about the support we offer young carers and their families

  • A postcard that can be given out to young carers

You can download our poster and postcard here.

You can hear young carers views on our two new films:

‘Support from Carers in Hertfordshire’ click here

‘Telling Schools I’m a Young Carer’ click here

Thanks to all the young carers who took part in the filming of these, and to Herts Community Trust for filming.

We will be launching our new flyer  soon – watch this space!






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Young Carers Conference 2020

Once Upon a Time…

It’s that time of year again! We have our annual Young Carers Conference on Thursday 20th February. This year the theme is ‘Once Upon a Time…’.

Please note that spaces are limited so please do apply as soon as you can. Applications cannot be accepted until we have an Annual Consent Form 2020 for you. This can be downloaded below.





Invite: Invite for YCs

Annual consent form: Annual Consent Form 2020

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Creative Collaging Session age 12 – 16

As part of Hertfordshire’s ‘Feeling Good Week’ we would like to invite you to…



Come along to:

  • Explore what makes you YOU

  • Explore what you wish for in the future

  • Meet other young carers



When: Friday 14th February, 4 – 6.30 pm
Where: Hatfield.  Transport can be provided if you need it.

Who: young carers aged 12 – 16




Please let us know if you would like to book a space:


Telephone 01992 586969


Please note an 2020 Annual Consent Form must be completed to book on to this event: Annual Consent Form 2020

Flyer: Flyer – Creative Collaging

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