My Biggest Supporter

This year we want to celebrate all of the people who support young carers! We’ve asked young carers “Who is your biggest supporter?” and a HUGE shout out goes to…


By far the most responses came back about the support Mum’s give their children:

  • I love her
  • She is my best friend
  • Being kind

    “She helps me to enjoy my life in the best way possible”

  • She does everything for me whilst suffering herself
  • No matter what, she always supports me
  • She has been there forever
  • She lets me help with my sister
  • She helps me the most out of all the people I know
  • She is really nice and helps me with school
  • She is always there
  • She is very encouraging and enthusiastic
  • She looks after me and my brother
  • She’s super grateful for everything I do

‘Parents’ also came back as big supporters of our young carers:

  • They help me through everything
  • They are always there for me

    “They always tell me how much they appreciate me and all that I do”

    They make sure that I do the things that make me happy

  • They make sure I do loads of good clubs


Other family members:

My Dad: he has kept no secrets and helps me when I am worried”

  • My 3 sisters: they help me through a lot of stress
  • My Nanny: she looks after me all the time and is kind to me
  • My sister Violet: she is kind

    “My sister: she pushes me to do things I’m scared of”

    My Nan: she is always there no matter what


It is brilliant to see some school staff providing valuable support to young carers in Hertfordshire:

Mrs Dada: she helps me when I’m having a bad day

Miss Craddock: she helps me learn

Mrs Sharpling: she helps me every day at school

Miss Boswell at Monks Walk:

  • “She always asks if I’m OK and I like that”

  • “She always makes sure I am OK”

Miss Tebbut: She always makes me feel better if I am sad or worried about my sister’s illness


Other supporters of young carers:

Emily: she takes me out for treats

Jamie W: He supported me if I was stressed with caring for my family

Debevah M: She is kind

My Social Worker

“Books and music: No matter how stressful or crazy anything is I can always lose myself in them”

My friend Lucie: she is always there for me, no matter what


Thank you to all of the young carers who told us their biggest supporter, and  HUGE THANK YOU to the people above (and many more) who continue to support young carers and help young carers know that they are not alone.

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