Treasure the earth and join our April competition!!

The sun is back!  Yes it also brought it’s friend snow and is confusing us with the bright light & freezing cold wind but STILL we welcome the longer days and extra doses of vitamin D!

With this love of nature and Earth day not too far away we are happy to say that our April competition is all about nature and our wonderful planet.  Every day is earth day in our minds because the planet is our giant home so we need to look after it as much as it looks after us.

So what is your favourite thing about the earth?  How cool is nature!  What do you do to try and recycle things, eat healthier or use less energy at home or at school?  Do you have any ideas about what we should all do to help the environment?  We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and see any pictures of what you do to help the earth.  That might be a bug hotel you have in your garden, plants you look after inside, recycling you do at home or at school, ideas you have for what else we should do to look after the earth or anything you can think of!

Voucher prizes are given to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part so join us in celebrating planet earth this April!  The deadline for your entries is Friday 30th April and judging will take place the following week.

Please email your entries to putting Competition in the email subject along with your name and age so we know what belongs to whom!  You can also post us entries to the office in Hertford and if you have any questions or need additional information please give us a call on 01992 586969.

Thanks and good luck!

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