Who can we help

We support young carers aged 18 and under. If you’re over 18, we can still help you through our support for adult carers. See how we can help here.

We can help young carers who live or care in Hertfordshire – have a look at this map if you’re not sure.

Our support is for young carers who need some extra help or advice because of their caring responsibilities. The person you look after might be getting help from other people or services too. Your caring might involve you taking on responsibilities normally done by and adult, and might mean you can’t go out as much as your friends. If that sounds like you, please get in touch. Download a referral form here: Are you a Young Carer – Referral Form 2017

If the person you are looking after needs help with accessing more services, or if you need extra services yourself, or are taking on a high level of responsibility because of your caring, you might need help from the Families First Young Carers Team. We can refer you to them if you would like us to. If you contact us to talk about support but do not want to be referred to anyone else, we won’t make a referral without your consent.

Our service is free and voluntary, so you only have to get involved if you want to.

If you are a professional and would like to refer a young carer to us, please download this referral form: Referral form Young Carers Service