Year 6 – 7 Transition Workshop

Over Easter 5 young carers, their parents and siblings came to our workshop which focused on the transition from Primary to Secondary School.

Young carers used drawing and collaging to think about and express how they felt about moving schools, as well as what they enjoy doing, what their skills are and how their caring role affects them.  Cleveland got involved too!Cleveland transition workshop

Parents shared their concerns about moving schools, and came up with a list of useful questions to ask the new school to make sure young carers are supported:

  • Is there a homework club and what support is given?
  • What financial support is available for trips/activities?
  • Is there a young carers’ group in school?
  • Who should I go to if I need to talk?

If you are a young carer in Hertfordshire and need support with the transition between schools then please contact us.

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