Young Carers Council

The Young Carers Council is a group of  young carers from all over Hertfordshire between the ages of 8-18.  They champion the voice of young carers in the county.  There is a Chair and Vice Chair that are elected from the council who lead the meetings and everyone contributes to what they would like out of the council.

What does the council actually do?

  • The council gives young carers a voice
  • Raises awareness about young carers and any issues that a young carer could face in their caring role or elsewhere
  • Talks to young carers about their experiences
  • The Council has a say about what goes on with young carers support – such as suggesting activities for young carers to do, supporting with recruitment to the young carers team and helping to shape processes that Carers in Herts use.

This is done through regular meetings where the Council discuss and plan future events, help plan and then present the Young Carers Conference.  They also talk to professionals about the services that are important to young carers. And very importantly, it’s a safe space for young carers to discuss needs and differences with Young Carers team staff and other young carers.