Young Carers Scale new Heights

Girls at top of Mount Snowden

The three YC’s at the top of Mount Snowden

Sir Frederic Osborn Year 10 pupils, from left, Shannon Hall, Grace Moore and Elle Burch-Melville scaled Wales’ highest peak to raise £1,000 for Carers in Hertfordshire.

They were accompanied on the climb up Mount Snowdon by mum Vicki Burch-Melville and teachers Rachel Phillips and Gemma Ward.

The girls from the Welwyn Garden City school exceeded their fundraising target for a cause that is dear to their hearts and now aim to raise awareness.

Elle cares for her younger sister who has ADHD and autism and Shannon cares for her younger sister, Charlie, who has Rett syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects approximately 1 in 12,000 females and causes severe physical and mental disability. Shannon also has a hip problem which made the climb even more of a challenge. Grace, cares for her autistic younger brother Charlie, and together with her dad has Type 1 diabetes.

The girls were elated by the experience. Shannon said: “Climbing Mount Snowdon was a massive personal accomplishment for me and has given me the inspiration to do more ambitious things. The route we took wasn’t easy and I am proud to say, we climbed Mount Snowdon the hard way!”

Elle said: “The trip was an amazing experience which I will never forget.” And Grace added: “The weekend away itself was very memorable, I would love to do it again.”

Rachel Phillips, Year 10 Director of Learning, said: “I’m beyond proud of Elle, Grace and Shannon. Their effort, motiviation and dedication has been truly inspirational. Reaching the summit was emotional and one of the proudest moments of my teaching career.  Well done ladies – you are my heroes!”

PE teacher Gemma Ward added: “The students made me extremely  proud at how well they embraced and completed this challenge.  The trek up was tricky but the views at the top and the tream spirit made it all worthwhile.”

And proud mum Vicki Burch-Melville said it had been a fantastic opportunity.

The girls say they now want to reach out to other children and teenage carers who may be going through stressful times and raise awareness.

Watch this videoclip below of their trek for young carers. For more photos visit our Facebook page.

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