A week in the life of a young carer: Work Experience

My week of Work Experience, by Gemma  – age 16.

 My name is Gemma and as you can guess I’m a young carer. I help care for my siblings and I help my parents a lot. I’m 16 and I’m home schooled. I love to read and write. I love animals and photography and of course spending quality time with my family.  

I had no idea on what I wanted to do for my career. I would always want to do one thing and then after a while I wouldn’t know what career path I was going to take anymore. I was not sure on what I desired in life, not fully. I wanted to be able to at least know that I liked to write for a job. Not only that but I needed to know what work felt like, to have a little taster. I wasn’t sure on what it would feel like.

 I went to the Herts Valleys CCG for my work experience. It was amazing. I loved every minute of it and I wish that I never had to leave. The Herts Valleys CCG are a part of the NHS. When I was there I wrote about Young carers, what we do, how to help, mentoring etc. This isn’t all I did however; I helped put posters and letters in envelopes for all of the NHS pharmacies. I created a poster for their Christmas party and I wrote a little something about the party for the staff. I also wrote some  tweets out for them. I’ve learnt a lot from my work experience.

“all the people were lovely and made me feel welcome” 

Before I went to my work experience I was really nervous and anxious. Especially on my first day. On my way up to the floor I was working on I met someone who works there and she was really nice, she told me to have a great week and not to worry. When I was meeting everyone I was still really nervous and anxious, but when the people I worked with started talking to me it started to evaporate. They all made me feel relaxed and really welcome. They told me that if I was ever stuck on something or needed help to ask them. Everyone was friendly and helpful. They gave me some great tips about my career path and with writing.

 “I’ve decided that I love writing”

I’m going to be looking for an apprenticeship at the Herts Valleys CCG. When I worked there I would arrive at 9:30am, I would hang my coat up, put my bag away and log into the computer. I would start my daily task. However, even though I was working I still had a break and lunch. Everyone I worked with was amazing. I was meeting new people all the time and I learnt about what they did. It was an amazing experience.  

I enjoyed everything about it, the work I was given, meeting new people. I enjoyed typing on the computer, getting out into the real world and knowing what work feels like. I loved every second of it. I also loved writing about us young carers and making other people aware of what we do and how we help those closest to us.

“It’s going to be hard but I’m determined not to give up”

If you’re not sure on whether to have work experience I hope this has helped you.



If you are a young carer aged 16 – 18 in Hertfordshire and would like to know more about our work experience offer then please call 01992 586969 to speak to a member of the young carers’ team.


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