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The sun is back!

What better way to welcome back the nice weather than with real life activities coming back to the Young Carers team!!

We know it has been a long year on zoom and thank you for your patience of helping to keep everyone safe during this time by following the rules.  Now we are allowed to go out and see more people whilst keeping safe, we are happy to be planning and running activities again that do not involve the word zoom!  A big summer programme is coming so keep your eye out for that and for May you will have been sent information alongside the Young Carer survey, which will play a big part in shaping Herts County Council’s new Carers Strategy!  The team are all here if you have any questions or need additional information and we wish you a very fun May half term!

Who doesn’t love a survey … well possibly a lot of people BUT it is a really quick and easy way to be a part of this super important opportunity to improve services for carers of all ages across Hertfordshire!  Click on the link and be a part of something awesome to support yourself, your family and lots of other young carers!


May half term (mostly in June but you know what we mean)

YCs Podcast workshop – exciting times developing this further after conference!

Year 6-7 transition – Secondary school times ahead wooo!

Singing in the Park – Great for stress release and we get to hang out in the real outside world we have missed for a while!

YCs Council Meeting – our local champions will be meeting to finalise the exciting summer ahead so watch this space!


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Competitions you say …

Oh yes they are still going strong!  Here is the competition update we know you’ve been waiting for!

September is in the rear-view mirror and we are in full swing to the spooky autumnal season!  Being a beautiful time of colours changing on the leaves, nights drawing in earlier and lots of spooky stories on the horizon we want to hear from you!  Do you have any homemade decorations for this time of the year?  A fan of pumpkin flavoured soups, drinks or meals?  Any spooky stories you like telling friends and family?

Some of our team love this time of the year so we are excited to hear about your October favourites, see any drawings, decorations you might be carving and/or any meals you like as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder!  Embrace these fun, spooky and gorgeous autumnal colour palettes with us!

Voucher prizes are still up for grabs to the winner and runner up as well as thank you’s for everyone who takes part!

The deadline for your entries is Saturday 31st October with the winning entries being announced the following week.

Please email entries to – put “Competition” in the subject then in the email make sure to include your name and age so we know which ones belong to whom.

To check our previous months winners and runner up please click here

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Young Carers Champion competition results

“Young Carers Champion” was the name of July’s competition

We teamed up with Lister Hospital and the Amwell Rotary club and asked Young Carers to design a badge.  Lister will be training up some of their staff to be ‘Young Carers Champions’ so that they understand some of the things young carers have to deal with and can offer support when you are visiting their hospital as well as spread the word of young carers everywhere they go.  So we asked you to design this badge and here are your winners …

The winner – Hollie, age 9





Our runner up – Alexis, age 8





Huge thank you’s to everyone who got involved in this months competition!  We had lots of amazing entries and it was a very difficult one to judge.  Big thanks as well to Lister for creating this competition and the Amwell Rotary club for funding it alongside them.

We will be bringing you August’s competition next week so keep your eyes peeled and get involved!

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Young Adult Carer workshops

Are you age 14+?

Do you want to learn new skills that will help you in the future?

This summer we are excited to be working with the Carers Trust to host two virtual workshops for young adult carers, to help prepare you for the future.


Managing your Money

When: Thursday 6th August, 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm
What:  Learn all about the finance skills needed to manage your money now and in the future, including:

  •  Understanding finance (direct debits, credit cards)
  • Planning for the future – savings
  • Charities that offer information and support
  • Budgeting and finding a good deal
  • How to avoid feeling stressed about money


CV writing and Interview Skills

When: Wednesday 19th August, 5.30 – 6.30 pm

What:  Help to feel confident in the future when applying to jobs, University/college or apprenticeships, including:

  • What information should be on my CV?
  • What are interviewers looking for?
  • Feeling confident talking about yourself in interviews


How to book:

Please note: both these sessions will be virtual workshops, via Zoom. If you are interested in booking then please email or telephone 01992 586969.

With your confirmation we will send out guidance on how we keep young carers safe on our virtual sessions.

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Young Carers’ Film Launch

This Carers Week (8 – 14th June 2020) we are excited to launch our new film that celebrates a young carers health-focused project.

The project involved young carers and staff from the Carers in Hertfordshire, East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, and East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust working together to review and improve the support the NHS provided young carers.


The group of young carers, the ‘Youth Exec’, visited each organisation and helped to raise awareness of young carers and their families needs. One result of this project was a ‘young carers space’ that was introduced at Lister Hospital in Stevenage.


You can view the film that celebrates this project at Carers in Herfordshire’s YouTube Channel here.


Thanks go to NHS England for providing funding, Hitchin TV for producing it and all the young carers and staff involved in the project and filming.

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Carers Week Competition

Making Carers Visible

Carers Week is a national campaign to celebrate, recognise and raise awareness of Carers of all ages throughout the U.K. This year’s Carers Week was the week beginning Monday 8th June.

The theme of Carers  Week 2020 was ‘making caring visible’. In aid of this we ran a special competition for young carers. The task was to create a poster that helps carers and young carers be seen, noticed and understood. We had several fantastic entries, and are delighted to showcase the winner and runner up below.


First Place: Corey, age 12












Second Place:  Eric, age 13












Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry! You can find details about our upcoming young carer competitions here

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Competition Winner

‘What I am grateful for’

We’re excited to share the first and second place entries for June’s Young Carers Competition. Young carers were asked to share ‘what I am grateful for during lockdown’, in whatever way they liked – a poem, picture, film, photo, or something else they had created.

First Place: Eric, age 13












Second Place: Jennifer, age 10












Carers Week Competition:

We’re delighted to announce the first and second place entries for a special Carers Week Competition here


May: What I can see from my window

First Place: Ava, age 9


Out of my window I can see…

Green trees blowing in the wind

A summer house for me and Ivy

Ready for lunch, lets eat outside

Dragonflys flying through the sky

even when we say goodbye

Next time is another day, then we will have time to play


Second place: ‘Outside my Window’ by Eric, age 13

As the sun shines on all our faces,

Waking us up each morning,

The cars wait to be driven                     

But they find themselves alone,

The smiles of the children’s faces makes us want to get out,

But as Corona made its way,

We start to stay away,

From all dangers that could possibly harm us,

But as lockdown is soon ending,

Bringing happiness and hope to people’s faces.

When the warm sun get cooler,

We start to get colder.


From trees swaying side to side,

Following the gentle cold breeze,

As the sun starts setting,

Our frustration shrinks,

The later the day arrives,

The more we feel tired.


When the sky gets dark,

And the stars appear,

The moon will rise with it’s attracting light,

The trees are now still as a bone,

While we tuck into our warm beds,

Outside my window,

There is nothing but cars.


We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who took part – we were blown away by entries, and the panel had a difficult time deciding!

Details on June’s competition here



April: experiences of lockdown


First Place: ‘Shielding’ by Freya, age 9

My little sister got a letter saying she must shield, 

No going to the park or taking the dog to the field. 

couldn’t go to school or do my sports club, 

No more going for lunch in the pub. 

Feels strange that I can’t go to school, 

No going on holiday and laying by the pool. 

Spending more time with my family will be fun, 

Playing in the garden and laying in the sun. 

Learning to grow fruit and veg from a seed, 

 we will have all the healthy food that we need.  

Thanks to the NHS who are helping the sick,  

Stay home everyone so this will end quick. 


Second Place: ‘My Wish’ by Izzy, age 6



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Virtual Book Club

Introducing…. NEW Young Carers Virtual Book Club


We’re really excited to launch our first Young Carers Book Club! In these strange times what better than to lose yourself in a different world/life/story?

Each month we will share our book pick with you… you can then email in your book reviews, telling us what you liked/what you didn’t like about the story.

We would also LOVE to be able to have a virtual meet-up for young carers (registered with us) who are interested in discussing the book with other people and ‘meet’ other young carers. If you are interested in joining a virtual meet up (via Zoom) please do let us know by emailing We can then send you the date of the e-meet up and you can book on.


Book Club, age 8 – 12

May’s book pick is: ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ by Onjali Rauf.

It is available on Kindle for £3.99, to buy paper back through Amazon £5.94 (and in a 2 for £7 offer), or listen on Audible for free (with a months trial on Amazon). You can find these all here. You can read a plot description here.

You may be able to borrow the book for free if you have an account with Hertfordshire Libraries Service – more information here

Deadline for reviews: Wednesday 27th May

E-meet up: Friday 29th May – times TBC


Book Club, age 13+

May’s book pick is: ‘Toffee’ by Sarah Crossan.


It is available on Kindle for £4.83, to buy paper back through Amazon £6.40, or listen on Audible for free (with a  months trial on Amazon). You can find these all here.

You can read a plot description here

You may be able to borrow the book for free if you have an account with Hertfordshire Libraries Service – more information here

Deadline for reviews: Friday 29th May

E-meet up: W/b 1st June

Please note that this book has themes of domestic abuse in, as well as someone living with dementia.


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Managing Stress

Change of time: Please note we have changed the time of this workshop. See below for updated details!

Are you a young carer, aged 11+ ?

Do you ever feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Would you like to learn some practical tips to recognise and manage stress?

We are hosting an ‘Excelling Under Pressure’ workshop focusing on stress management, run by the Stress Management Society.

When: Tuesday 29th October 3.30 – 5pm
Where: Oxlease House, Travellers Lane, Hatfield

Please note: There are limited spaces available on this workshop so booking is required. All young carers need to have a completed 2019 Annual Consent Form to book on, and be aged 11+.

Annual consent form: Annual Consent Form 2019 v2




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Young Carer App

Research participants needed!

Are you a young carer living in Herts?

Are you aged 11 – 18?

Want to get involved in developing our app for Young Carers in Herts?

Jodie Deards, the Carers Lead at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust (Lister Hospital) and Professor Natalie Pattison, who works at the hospital and the University of Hertfordshire, are working on a research project to develop the Young Carers in Herts App that was designed with members of the Young Carers Council.

The research project is now open and they are looking to recruit young carers. You will be asked to participate in an interview (approx. 45minutes) to hear your views on where you find health information and what do you think of the app. This interview can take place at a time and place that is convenient for you.

If you are interested or would like to find out more information, contact Jodie Deards:

Tel: 07554438517




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