The sun is back!

What better way to welcome back the nice weather than with real life activities coming back to the Young Carers team!!

We know it has been a long year on zoom and thank you for your patience of helping to keep everyone safe during this time by following the rules.  Now we are allowed to go out and see more people whilst keeping safe, we are happy to be planning and running activities again that do not involve the word zoom!  A big summer programme is coming so keep your eye out for that and for May you will have been sent information alongside the Young Carer survey, which will play a big part in shaping Herts County Council’s new Carers Strategy!  The team are all here if you have any questions or need additional information and we wish you a very fun May half term!

Who doesn’t love a survey … well possibly a lot of people BUT it is a really quick and easy way to be a part of this super important opportunity to improve services for carers of all ages across Hertfordshire!  Click on the link and be a part of something awesome to support yourself, your family and lots of other young carers!


May half term (mostly in June but you know what we mean)

YCs Podcast workshop – exciting times developing this further after conference!

Year 6-7 transition – Secondary school times ahead wooo!

Singing in the Park – Great for stress release and we get to hang out in the real outside world we have missed for a while!

YCs Council Meeting – our local champions will be meeting to finalise the exciting summer ahead so watch this space!


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